Legislative Update for 5/6/2022

This was a very slow week at the legislature. There are no reports on bills which we are following.

Your challenges for this week are:

1. Familiarize yourselves with the 2021 ratings of lawmakers put together by the Arizona Free Enterprise Club found on the last two pages of this review. Many of these folks are running for re-election and some are running for other offices; including Secretary of State and U.S. Congress. Please be sure to review their records and scorecard before considering them for office again!

2. Consider becoming a citizen lobbyist. Four certification classes will be held online and in-person starting 6-29-2022. At the end you will be empowered to make that appointment with your elected official to discuss issues of importance to you and you will be able to sway and convince those officials to see things your way and vote accordingly.

3. Consider signing up for the Learn How to Write a Ballot Argument Class – online – Wednesday, May 18, 2022 6:30 PM. In this class, you will learn how to write an effective ballot argument. Instructors with the Arizona Free Enterprise Club will be going through the steps of this process and then submitting your writings to the Secretary of State’s office to be used on the ballot initiative handout.


4. Join fellow conservatives for a discussion on the Declaration of Independence. Wednesday, June 15th. 6:30 pm. Both in-person (Tempe) or Online:


Please use this downtime from RTS work to educate and become more involved in the process!
Thank you for your advocacy!!

Citizen Lobbyist Certification Class Schedule and Registration Links

AZ Free Citizen’s Lobbyist Certification #101 – June 29th – 6:30 pm


Every successful lobbyist gains expertise in HOW the legislative process works. Learning how the game is played procedurally protects you from being conned and arms you with a bevy of strategic and tactical options.

AZ Free Citizen’s Lobbyist Certification #201- July 20th – 6:30 pm


Every successful lobbyist studies WHAT their issues are. Choosing areas you have a passion for or can become an expert in make you a valuable resource to policymakers. Also, learn about organizations that do policy research and development that you can use as a resource for issues.

AZ Free Citizen’s Lobbyist Certification #301- August 3rd – 6:30 pm


Every successful lobbyist understands WHO the players are in the political ecosystem. Being able to identify the “tribes” of politics and who belongs to them will empower you to organize, strategize and avoid political landmines.

AZ Free Citizen’s Lobbyist Certification #401- August 17th – 6:30 pm


Every successful lobbyist practices their communication skills and discerns what to say and how to say it in the appropriate situation.

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