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Good News of the Week is compiled by Scarlet Precinct Committeemen and Volunteers. We are WINNING on many fronts.  Stay STRONG and UNITED in this fight for our country.  We are making history.

Good News of the Week Nov 22, 2021

1.  Abandoning Ship: VP Harris’ Communications Director Leaving Administration Amid Alleged Biden-Harris Friction

2.  Kanter Rides Boston Bench, NBA Threatens China Critic With Banishment

3.  Obama-Endorsed Democrat Mayoral Candidate Loses To Republican In Deep Blue City That Biden Won In 2020

4.  UPDATE: Delaware County Pennsylvania Lawsuit Is Going to Blow the Roof Off of the Democrat Voter Fraud in the State

5.  Trump Comes Out in Support for Rep. Gosar After House Censures Republican Over Anime Video of AOC, Biden

6.  BREAKING: Jury Finds Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY on ALL Charges

7.  Watch How Kyle Rittenhouse Reacted in Court After Getting Acquitted on All Counts

8.  Mike Lindell announces election lawsuit will be brought to Supreme Court on November 23

9.  A defeat for the Loudoun County school board [UPDATED]

10.  Nick Sandmann to Kyle Rittenhouse: ‘I Am Here for You’

11.  11/18/21 – More Prefer Republicans To Win Control Of The House And Senate, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; 68% Say Higher Prices Are Changing Spending Habits

12.  DeSantis Trolls Biden By Holding Signing Ceremony For Anti-Vaccine Mandate Bills in Brandon, Florida › American Greatne

13.  OSHA Suspends Medically Coercive Vaccine Mandate After Pushback

14.  It’s Official: GOP Has Overtaken Democrats in Florida Under DeSantis

15.  Tennessee Governor Invites Nation’s Unvaccinated Officers to Join Its Highway Patrol

16.  Winsome Sears Directly Challenges Dana Bash Claim That CRT is Not in Virginia Curriculum

17.  Rose McGowan’s Powerful Tweet – ‘Do You Understand’ The Distraction They’re Trying To Pull?

18.  Millions Protest For Freedom From Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and Mandates

19.  Doctor’s Orders: Coming Soon

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Watch: Basketball Player With Down Syndrome Thrills Crowd with One Shot: ‘He Is So Happy!’

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