Good News in Arizona – May 15, 2022

Good News of the Week, compiled by  the Scarlet Precinct America First Committeemen and Volunteers   — 5.15.22

1. Senator Joe Manchin Says He’s a “No” Vote on the Democrats’ Radical Abortion Bill (VIDEO)

2. Twitter Executives Leave Company Ahead of Elon Musk’s Takeover

3. ‘Stand Up and Fight for What’s Right’ Until the End: School Coach Fired for Praying in Public

4. Trump Endorses Mastriano in Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Race

5. BREAKING: Louisiana Supreme Court Sides with Pastor Tony Spell – Agrees that COVID Orders Violated His Freedom of Religion – All Charges Dropped (VIDEO)

6a. HUGE: Arizona Election Fraud Investigation Is A “Direct Respo nse” To ‘2000 MULES’ Investigation And Whistleblower Interview

6b. Yuma County Sheriff’s Office opens massive voter fraud investigation after 2000 Mules goes viral

7. America First Senate Candidate Jake Bequette Won’t Back Down – Sues Arkansas Secretary of State for Incorrectly Listing of His Name on Ballots

8. BREAKING: Senator Rand Paul Stalls Uniparty Bill Giving $40 Billion in More Funding to Ukraine

9. BREAKING…True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht: 2000 Mules Is Coming BACK To Theaters!

10. Meghan McCain and Jill Biden Together Sell Less than 500 Books in First Week of Release Date

11. Southwest Flight Attendant Fired Over Pro-Life Views to Have Her Day in Federal Court, Judge Rules

12. True The Vote has RICO Ballot Trafficking Evidence: Americans Should Care – UncoverDC

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