RORR Hosts Vietnam Vet Mark Del Maestro at Monthly Dinner in Sedona

Event Details

November 11th is Veterans Day.  So in honor of our Veterans, we are inviting Mark Del Maestro to our November 19th dinner.

Mark is a Vietnam Veteran.  He served in Naval Support in Da Nang. In that role, he had to travel the rivers at 5 mph bringing supplies to troops, many times feeling like a sitting duck.  Mark knows the sacrifice of serving our country.  Sadly, many Americans have NO APPRECIATION of the personal cost and ongoing burden carried by many Veterans. 

 Mark meets with young people to educate them on the Vietnam Era, the lessons of war and how these lessons pertain to them today.  He is going to share his story with us, so that we can better share with young people in our lives.

Please RSVP to Ann Kelley to hold a seat. The dinners always sell out!

The Dinner is held at the Elks Lodge in Sedona.  Menu to be advised.



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