RORR Hosts Ron Watkins: Candidate for US Congress

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RORR Hosts Ron Watkins:
Candidate for US Congress

Hello Patriots,

We are hosting Ron Watkins candidate for US Congress Congressional District 2.


Ron was born in America to a military family. His father, Jim Watkins, served in the US Army so the family traveled all across America.  Ron Watkins great-grandparent’s migrated to Arizona.  Ron had some of his most memorable childhood experiences from living in Arizona such as vacationing at the Grand Canyon.

In college, Ron studied foreign languages, Computer Science, and Advertising. Using those skills he’s worked internationally in places like the Philippines and Japan, but has now re-planted roots back in his home state of Arizona.

Ron’s worked as a computer scientist, a linguist, and a political activist. As a political activist, Ron is known as a FFF (Fighter For Freedom) from tyranny.

People commonly know Ron from his online handle “CodeMonkeyZ”.

ron watkins aka code monkey z
Ron — as “Code Monkey Z” — is featured on the Big Screen at Mike Lindell’s Cyber-Symposium on Foreign Intervention via computers.

Ron has been retweeted by President Trump multiple times.

Ron fights for God, Freedom, and Truth – No Matter The Consequence.

And we can ask him, WHAT is Code Monkey Z all about and WHAT does it have to do with … anything?

Ron’s website is:

Our Meeting Location: Elks Lodge – 110 Airport Rd

Bar opens at 3:30 pm

Dinner at 5:00 pm

Menu: Spaghetti, Salad, Bread and Dessert

Cost: $12

RSVP required to eat –



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