Protesting Vaccine Mandates Every Wednesday in Front of Verde Valley Medical Center Cottonwood

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stop medical tryannyNorthern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) is requiring their Medical Staff to get a COVID vaccine with the justification that the FDA has now approved it.  Evidence indicates that NAHC is pushing this in order to prevent their Federal Funding from being cut off.

The reality on the “vaccine” is that the FDA only approved ONE – Comirnaty – a product that is NOT available in the United States.  So NAH is mandating the injection of experimental vaccines.  This is clearly against the Nuremberg Code.  NAHC Management will be accountable for any injury to those they coerce into compliance.  I hope they realize the egregiousness of their actions.

If you are affected by these tyrannical demands, we are here to support you!

We are PROTESTING EVERY WEDNESDAY, 8 – 11 am on 89A and S Willard St in front of the Verde Valley Medical Center , 269 S Candy Ln), Cottonwood, AZ.      

If you are seeking a Medical or Religious Exemption, attached is a link to a Law Firm and America Frontline Doctors that will assist you in writing those exemption:

Send any other sources/information to and we will add it to this posting.

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