C4A showing ‘Miracle on the Mountain’

Patriots, please join us at Citizens for America (C4A), January 5th, 2023, 6:30 PM, for the true story of one of our C4A audience members. This individual is a walking miracle.
This person was an Olympic contender in ski jumping, ranked second in the nation in ski jumping and had a terrible accident on the mountain…an accident that this person was NOT supposed to recover from nor be the same physically afterwards.
Patriots, is your hope being challenged in these troubling times? Do you think that miracles no longer occur? Has God taken His hand of protection off us as a people? Are you discouraged?
Think again! Come and be encouraged, be amazed, and watch happens when faith and perseverance heals and restores. You will be UPLIFTED.
Cost: free
Ice cream will be served.
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