Arizona Audit

First Results Presented July 15 2021 by Senate President Fann

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DETAILS on Arizona Election 2020:

Compiled by David Scott Lynn

WHAT Went Wrong?

2020 Election Fraud & Paper Ballots

Fixing 2020 comes FIRST, or else all subsequent elections will be completely unreliable. If so, there is little hope of stopping the Ship of State from floating off and falling off the Cliff of State.

There are those who say there “is no evidence” pointing to election fraud. These individuals and groups are extremely DISS-informed by mainstream media and many politicians (even some Republican politicians).

There are Far More & Vast Resources out there on these issues. Below is a SMALL Sample of SOME of the Evidence. But it’s a Good Start:

1. The Most Hard Hitting, Irrefutable, & Watchable is Dinesh Disouza’s movie:

2. Right From The Beginning, Peter Navarro’s Election Report was released soon after the 2020 Election and had much of it figured out way back then:

The Immaculate Deception

3. Patrick Byrne’s Book & Movie on Election Fraud at His Website:

Deep Capture

See Patrick’s Deep Rig the Book and Deep Rig the Movie on the Right Sidebar of his Deep Capture website.

4. Rudy Giuliani on Voter Fraud and at Hyatt Regency with Witnesses to Election & Voter Fraud watch_live_arizona_state_legislature_holds_public_hearing_on_2020_election.html

5. Mike Lindell’s Extensive Data on FIX 2020 First AND his Absolute Proof Series showing Chinese Influence on 2020 Election:

Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium and the Colonel Waldren Speech:

6. Election 2020 Grass Roots Canvass Report in Maricopa County, Arizona: (requires your email address to access)

7. Report from the Extensive Arizona Forensic Election Audit:

8. Arizona Report on Decertifying Elections:

ACCESS: Arizona-Protocol-PDF-07-20-2021.pdf at Populist Revolt:

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There’s a LOT more, but this should keep one busy for a while!

AND NOW … PLEASE Scroll Back Up and Tell Arizona Election Officials What You Think!

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