Arizona Redistricting

Click here to see the final Maps and all details

Here are the highlighted points:

  • All of Sedona stays together with Yavapai County
  • In a best-case scenario, we will have an 18-12 lead in the Legislature next year.
  • In a best-case scenario, we will have a 6-3 lead for the Congressional Districts
  • Republicans outworked D’s and they are piping mad!
  • New LD’s — 2, 4, 9, and 13 are highly competitive, we will have to WORK hard to keep them R.
  • Schweikert’s CD is more competitive and we will have to work hard to keep it R.
  • We “retired” Congressman Tom O’Halleron from CD1 – this is a big win just by itself.
  • Pima County and SE Arizona now have representation!  You worked so HARD for this!


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