Be an Educated Voter Before Picking Your Candidate

The 2022 Local, State and Federal Primary Election is just a year away —-August 2, 2022 

We are all getting emails, texts, direct mail and phone calls from Republican and Indepedent candidates asking to sign petitions, donate, endorse and show support. Let’s be smart about how we decide which candidates to support!

Know The Rules


According to Arizona state law, ARS 16.321, the first petition signed for an office is the one that counts.  It is possible to change a petition but only by going through a long arduous process. 

Also be informed that the best way sign petitions is online at  Arizona’s official E-QUAL website.  Do not sign a physical petition form.  If you do, it has a greater chance of being contested and voided. 

Candidates Petitions are due to the Secretary of State in March 2022. Do your due diligence before committing your  valuable endorsement.  Make your one signature per office count!

Know Who Has Filed To Run – So Far

There are many Republican and Independent candidates for our area who have a Filed a Statement of Interest to Run for office.  Some candidates are waiting before they announce they are running. These are the stats as of July 30, 2021:

16  Republican candidates have announced for Governor of Arizona
3    Republicans have announced for Attorney General  
6    Republicans for Secretary of State
18  Republicans  for U.S. Senator
6    Republicans for  U.S. Representative in Congress – District No. 1.
3    Republicans for State Representative – District No. 6.
0 Candidates have declared for Sedona Mayor/City Council and Sedona-Oak Creek Unified SD 9. 

Do Your Due Diligence

Our recommendation is to do your due diligence first and be sure you know where each candidate stands on the issues important to you. Many of these candidates have not committed to their positions on key issues that will affect your freedoms and right to live your life your way – such as lockdowns, vaccine mandates, religious freedom, crime, judicial enforcement, immigration policies, parental rights, gun control, taxation, school curriculums and many more.

We also need to understand who is funding their campaign and to whom they are beholden once in office. So please take the time to ask them these questions directly, do the research and get advice from numerous sources.  Take the time to vet these candidates and determine who will be best to deliver on the issues you care deeply about!

We support Arizona Candidates for 2022 who will uphold our values and support our issues.

We need to support politicians that will deliver what they promise.

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