Be an Educated Voter Before Picking Your Candidate

The 2022 Local, State and Federal Primary Election is August 2, 2022. PLEASE remember that the Sedona City Council/Mayoral election is that day.

The petition signing time is over (thank goodness)! We now know who the official candidates are for the Republican Primary. So it is time to research the Candidates to make the best choice. Check out all of the EVENTS in the Verde Valley. You have multiple opportunities to meet the Candidates. Take advantage of them.

Do Your Due Diligence

Be sure you know where each candidate stands on the issues important to you. Ensure that you understand their positions on key issues that will affect your freedoms and right to live your life your way – such as lockdowns, vaccine mandates, religious freedom, crime, judicial enforcement, immigration policies, parental rights, gun control, taxation, school curriculums and many more.

We also need to understand who is funding their campaign and to whom they are beholden once in office. So please take the time to ask them these questions directly, do the research and get advice from numerous sources.  Take the time to vet these candidates and determine who will be best to deliver on the issues you care deeply about!

We support Arizona Candidates for 2022 who will uphold our values and support our issues.

Who is on the Primary Ballot?

The Republican Candidate are official. Here are the numbers and names of the folks that made the Primary Ballot:

6  Governor of Arizona – Kari Lake, Scott Neely, Matt Salmon, Karren Taylor Robson, Paola Tulliani-Zen and Patrick Finerd (Write-in Candidate)
4   Attorney General  – Lacy Cooper, Rodney Glassman, Andrew Gould, Dawn Grove, Abraham “Abe” Hamadeh and Tiffany Shedd
4    Secretary of State – Shawnna Bolick, Mark Finchem, Beau Lane and Michelle Urgent-Rita
5  U.S. Senator – Mark Brnovich, Jim Lamon, Blake Masters, Michael “Mick” McGuire and Justin Olson
7    U.S. Representative in Congress – District No. 2 – Walt Blackman, Eli Crane, Mark Deluzio, Steve Krystofiak, John Moore, Ron Watkins and Andy Yates
2    State Senator – District No. 1 – Steve Zipperman and Ken Bennett
3 State Representative – District No. 1  – Selina Bliss, Judy Burges, Ryan Cadigan and Quang Nguyen

Compare Notes with other Conservatives

On July 6th, you should receive your Mail-in Ballot. Until then – do your own research!! And go see the Candidates!

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