ABOUT Republicans in Sedona

Republicans of the Red Rocks (RORR) mission is to preserve and protect our American Way of Life — freedom, respect, & caring for all our citizens.

We will now tell you a bit about Republicans in Sedona. … And By The Way …

The Red Rocks are RED and will always be RED (and that is a scientific fact!)

What it Means to be a Republican of the Red Rocks

Personal Connection to the Red Rocks

Our personal connection to the Red Rocks is fundamental to our happiness and well-being. Certainly, it is a key reason why most of us choose to live here. Previous generations held this land sacred, so therefore it is our moral responsibility to be responsible stewards of this special place that we have the privilege of calling “home”. 

Committed to Be Informed Citizens

We are committed to being informed citizens, actively engaged in city and county matters to ensure that decisions are made while respecting residents and business owners. We want to protect their quality of life, provide tourists with a safe and positive experience, and safeguard our beautiful environment.  Our members will no longer sit on the sidelines hoping that an unaccountable government makes the right decisions. As a result, we are getting back to a sovereign government “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Believe in Personal Freedom

What we have in common is a demand for personal freedom and protection of our inalienable rights —  be it freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or freedom to live your life as you see fit without draconian overlords. Further, we also believe in equal justice and equally applied rule of law for all. However, the elite and political class must also abide by the same rules as We the People. We believe that the strength of our nation lies in the ability of each individual to be self-reliant and to take personal responsibility to achieve success.

The government’s role is to protect the Rights & Liberties allowing the Pursuit of Happiness & Success and assist those who are unable to do so for themselves.

Sedonans are Loving, Caring People

We are also loving, caring people and above all — all are welcome.  Our community is what makes Sedona unique. Republicans of the Red Rocks is a diverse community of young and old — full-time business workers, Moms and Dads raising a family, entrepreneurs starting a new business, students going to school or happy retirees settled in their dream home.

Secondly, Sedona is proud to have a large community of charitable volunteers, thriving artists, spiritual healers, and adventure-seekers. Republicans of the Red Rocks love exploring the different experiences and opinions within our group to find common values and bridge those to build great friendships.

Republicans of the Red Rocks Love Having FUN!  There is nothing like a good rally to honor our military, thank our law enforcement, or support our candidates. In addition, we have regular events to just get together to live, love, and laugh!  You don’t have to be alone — your family is waiting for you!

In conclusion, we want to hear from all and All Are Welcome.

We are the Residents who call the Beautiful Red Rocks Our Home!


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