Welcome to Republicans of the Red Rocks


Republicans of the Red Rocks (RORR) is a club that UNITES all freedom loving people in Sedona and Village of Oak Creek, Arizona.

Republicans of the Red Rocks
** Republicans of the Red Rocks is affiliated with Yavapai County Republican Committee

Freedom Opportunity Security

“We believe that every Arizonan, from every race, class and walk-of-life, should have the freedom, opportunity, and security to live out their American dream. We fight for these values because you matter.” – Arizona Republican Party

If you are a passionate CONSERVATIVE, DEMOCRAT, LIBERTARIAN, INDEPENDENT, or UNDECLARED, then this is the place for you.

From a Sedona Resident Who Calls The Beautiful Red Rocks Home!

I have never been so proud to say I am a Republican as I am now. Finally, my values are outlined and defined, as we have always been Of the people , By the people and FOR the people. Saving this Republic is why we are called Republicans.

From early on this mission was assigned to all of us by our Founders who knew this government would last as long as We the People were willing to fight to keep her so. From day one there have always been a few individuals who would come forward and lead us in keeping America , America.

Thanks to RORR, this region of the Red Rocks has a chance to meet the lofty goals set by the RORR mission where we can all flourish in the glory not only of Sedona but of this nation.

Diane Lange, West Sedona

We are building a coalition of like-minded residents who value Freedom and Individuality, love our Country, respect Law Enforcement and our Military, believe in being Self-Reliant, and demand Responsible Management of our cities, taxpayer funding, and natural resources. We are the Republicans of Sedona and Village of Oak Creek, and are affiliated with the Yavapai County Republican Committee.

We are the Residents who call the beautiful Red Rocks Home!

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